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Basic Product Info:

Product Name: Fresh Bundle Master

Product Type: WordPress Plugin

Creator: Carey Baird & Radu Hahaianu

Price: $27 to $67

Launch Date: 7th July 2014

candrAbout Carey Baird & Radu Hahaianu:

Carey and Radu are true entrepreneurs and have become product launch specialists. This can have a negative connotation but in the case of both these gents it’s definitely not the case.

Carey’s has had an Amazon approach seen in this Fresh Store Builder, which was not only and still is in fact, a great Amazon website builder but had great support and forum on the backend.

Radu on the other hand has had more of an SEO/make money approach with products like Link Supremacy and Article buddy.

These passionate creators share a love for producing products which help people make money and Fresh Bundle Master is no different.

About Fresh Bundle Master:

So what is this latest product Fresh Bundle Master really about and how can it help you make more money?

In a nut shell Fresh Bundle Master is a wordpress plugin, which intelligently allows you to group related Amazon products together, allowing you to offer your visitor a group of products rather than just a single one.

Take a minute to think about it, all the big ecommerce stores display bundled suggestions of related products at a slightly bigger discount which is generally successful in driving more product sales.

With Fresh Bundle Master you as an Amazon store owner are now able to offer this same concept to your visitors, resulting in multiple product sales and ultimately multiple commissions.

A look inside Fresh Bundle Master:

The plugin is very straight easy to use, and lays out the suggestions nicely for you too.

Take a look at this quick demo video:

Fresh Bundle Master Features:

Easily Create Amazon Product Bundles:

Use out intuitive wizards to create product bundles quickly and easily

Responsive Design:

Designed from the ground up to look fabulous on all device types

Custom Design Tool:

Not only designed to work with the default theme styling but custom classes are included and color pickers available for every element.

Bundle Suggestions:

Provides intuitive suggestions on which products might suit your bundle directly from Amazons “items bought together” category.

Aggregate Discount:

Uses Amazons aggregated discounts to intuitively give your visitor the best price

Multi Region:

Works with 8 Amazon regions at time of launch.

 In Conclusion:

I like the way everything is put together and the ease with witch you can create your bundles, so far it is an impressive plugin, so if you are currently or thinking about becoming an Amazon affiliate Fresh Bundle Master will be a game changer and you should pick up your copy before the price hike!


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